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Israeli Slasher

For all of us, Israelies, who knows the truth... *wink*

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First and foremost, hello to everyone wo reads this! Thanks for checking us out!

I have a few things I thought i'd post here, me being the comm admin and all that. :)

~First, this place is mainly for Israelis, just cause... well... it is.
it doesn't mean that you are not welcome to join and post if you're not from Israel, though.

~I assume that everyone who chooses to join and post is a slasher, therefore there's no room for people who don't like that stuff to join.

~I want no bashing, fighting, insulting, etc, in here. this suppose to be a fun zone, and i'd like to keep it that way.

~You all are welcome to post whatever... any fandom is welcome.
Feel free to post pics, fics, your desktop arts, and share with us things that you feel that has something to do with the community.
I will not delete an entry if it's o/t, cause I think it's just not cool, but please keep that kind to the minimum.

That's it! HAVE FUN!