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'Nother auld journal! [userpic]
by 'Nother auld journal! (sighbunny)
at January 20th, 2011 (07:50 pm)

I know it's been a while and no posts, but please read my Manic Street Preachers slash, if you will. Reviews/ concrit will be greatly appreciated


gayisrael [userpic]
Приглашаем присоединиться к нашей тусовке!
by gayisrael (gayisrael)
at June 3rd, 2009 (06:24 pm)

Друзья! Мы большой и веселой компанией прилетаем из Москвы в Израиль, чтобы принять участие в «Параде Гордости» в Тель-Авиве 12 июня! Прилетаем 7-го июня, улетаем 16-го. Будем жить в Хайфе, путешествовать по всей стране. Приглашаем вас присоединиться к нашей тусовке. Мы планируем провести время на пляжах Тель-Авива и Хайфы, ездить на природу и на экскурсии. В нашей компании имеются как парни, так и девушки. Молодые и красивые)
Будем рады, если вы составите нам компанию! Предложите что-то интересное и свяжетесь с нами. Все подробности о нашей поездке можно прочитать здесь , а написать письмо сюда: constantine_23@rambler.ru. Расскажите о себе и оставьте контакты, чтобы мы связались с вами!

matan4il [userpic]
Israeli gays project: 'Til the Wedding
by matan4il (matan4il)
at October 31st, 2008 (02:35 pm)

First of all, I have to say that I'm really happy to discover this community. Israeli slashers for the win! :D

Then, I come bearing gifts that you can share with friends who are slashers, but the non-Israeli type.

Summary: These are the clips relevant to a gay themed storyline from the Israeli show 'Til the Wedding. The show follows several relationships that revolve around an impending wedding. The bride's brother, Harel, is our protagonist as he meets Amir...

(did I mention I suck at introductions and this is all my friend's fault to begin with? Yeah. But the guys are lovely and worth all the trouble)

Language: Hebrew with English subtitles.

Additional clips under the cut.Collapse )

Miarr [userpic]
harry potter | feelings of an almost human nature
by Miarr (miarr)
at November 5th, 2007 (11:24 pm)

After ages of overdue embarrassment, here's my post-DH challenge fic. It was finished two days after the deadline, then got stuck in beta limbo for a while, so apologies for the delay. Kudos to jtsnoa for being the only one to not actually fail like doom.

G | Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny | 1,925 words. Link leads to my writing journal.

Feelings of an almost human nature.

Flux Pavillion [userpic]
by Flux Pavillion (thexpills)
at October 21st, 2007 (07:39 pm)
Current song: Avenged Sevenfold ♥Scream

Why hello there :D
First of all I wanted to say that I nearly shrilled when noticed this community,Israeli slashers ftw!
But I have a question,I'm not sure I quiet understand how this place works:Are there any rules to what you can post and what not? I personally a band slash character,I like to role play as my favorite guys too and wanted to know if anyone of you here does it as well.

:] Keep rocking,guys.

Mimbulus [userpic]
מסיבת הארי פוטר
by Mimbulus (mimbulus)
at July 11th, 2007 (08:18 am)

Current mood: groggy


מישהו מכם יודע אולי אם תהיה מסיבה איפשהו לחגוג את יציאתו של הספר השביעי?

missteeq14 [userpic]
by missteeq14 (missteeq14)
at April 13th, 2007 (01:52 pm)

Current mood: depressed
Current song: עברי לידר - אהוב יקר

היי קוראים לי סתיו... ואני חדשה פה,נרשמתי לקהילה ואני מתה עלייההה!!
ובקשר לענייני.. XD
אני מחפשת נואשות, שעות על גבי שעות סלאשים על יהודה לוי ועפר שכטר לא משנה איזה סלאשים תמונות וידיאוים...אבל בעיקר סלאשים-סיפפור...
אז מי שיש לו סיפור-שלאש על יהודה ועפר או אפילו תמונות או וידיאו...בקשה!! בקשה!! פרסמו את זה....אני מזה מבקשת ממכם..
תודה! :]

סתיו XxX

Micayla [userpic]
by Micayla (pabzi)
at October 13th, 2006 (02:45 pm)

Current mood: drained
Current song: heatwave, the black and whites

and here i thought that i was the only one...wow.
i write David Hodges/Nick Stokes CSI LV. 
Does that interest anyone here?
i live in israel. till now i have been writing in english, but if it is requested i can translate my stories.

tell me if you guys want my stuff...my self esteem isnt great, but id be happy to share... my only friends here who have seen what i write are either not into csi, not into slash, or both...

Miarr [userpic]
the secret closet
by Miarr (miarr)
at September 11th, 2006 (04:49 pm)

Current mood: amused

Uhh... the time has pretty much passed for these notices, but just to tell you girls, I was informed this weekend, on very intimate authority, and Shai Partush and Ido Tadmor from Nolad Lirkod are both very, very, definitely gay.

Maybe these news are old, or maybe they're passe' by now, but the way my informat (a classmate of Shai's, also studying under Ido) acted about it sort of stirred up the passion again. It's so satisfying to know your hopes speculations were right!

That's all for now. Keep on rockin' the gayness, chikas. ♥

Mimbulus [userpic]
20 Plus on ch. 23 all weekend
by Mimbulus (mimbulus)
at August 12th, 2006 (03:36 pm)

Current mood: amused
Current song: ch. 10 news

Are you guys watching this? Yay!

Shai Capon is LOVE!

Also, I'm getting Ido/Veitzman vibes.

What is Veitzman's first name anyway?

I loved Veitzman/Miki, too bad it didn't end too well, huh?

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